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Kids can create a large tie out of colorful paper and write their favorite things about their Dad. Add a string or yarn so Dads can wear them to the worship service. 


  • Colorful paper or scrapbook paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Hole punch 
  • Yarn 
  • Markers 



  1. Fold the paper in half (length-wise) and cut a point at the bottom. Cut the shape at the top and finally the classic tie shape along the open side. 
  2. Open the tie-shape and smooth flat.
  3. Hole punch each side of the top of the tie to attach yarn later. 
  4. Invite kids to write some words on the tie that describe their Dad. 
  5. Thread a piece of yarn through the holes so the tie can be worn.

Remind kids that our fathers are a wonderful gift in our life and we need to appreciate and honor them. (Exodus 20:12) 




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