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Here’s another idea for Father’s Day.


  • Red & Black Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Velcro Adhesive Dot
  • Scissors
  • Sliver & Black Sharpies
  • Colorful Scrapbook Paper
  • Tool Shapes



  1. Create the toolbox by folding the red paper in thirds. Glue the sides of the bottom to create the pocket.
  2. Cut a square shape latch and a handle and add to the toolbox. Draw on the lock and handle grips with the silver Sharpie.
  3. Write “Happy Father’s Day” across the front of the toolbox.
  4. Open the toolbox and write “What I like about my Dad…” across the pocket.
  5. Trace around tool shapes and cut out. Have the kids write what they admire about their dad on each shape and then place it in the toolbox.

Children may choose to make more than one so they can honor a friend, grandfather or stepfather. Remind kids that our fathers are a wonderful gift in our life and we need to appreciate and honor them. (Exodus 20:12) 


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