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Help your kids make a cute picture frame for their Dads on Father’s


  • Die cut letters- 2 “D”s and 1 “A” for each child
  • Small pictures of each child- 2 per child (if you have siblings, use 1 picture of each)
  • 2 small paper brads
  • Metallic, permanent markers
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Tape
  1. Lay a “D” over each picture and trace lightly around the outside of the letter.
  2. Cut out the picture about ¼ -inch inside the line.
  3. Use tape to secure a picture inside each “D.”
  4. Place the “A” between the “D’s”, overlapping about ½ inch.
  5. Use the metallic markers to draw a screw head on each brad.
  6. Punch a hole where the letters overlap.
  7. Insert a brad in each hole and spread the prongs open in the back.


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