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As a child I loved Field Trips.  And so when I began doing children’s ministry I incorporated field trips.  They are a great way to encourage your kids to bring friends and create opportunities for children to learn in a different environment.  Do you know some of the best practices for ensuring you have a successful trip?  Here is my list of 10 do’s and don’ts concerning field trips.


  1. Do Have Emergency and Medical Info on every child with you.
  2. Do Sign in and sign out every child.
  3. Do have a map of where you are headed. (It is best to drive there a day or two prior to the event.)
  4. Do recruit enough volunteers or paid helpers  (I try to keep a ratio of no worse than 1:5 when traveling off-site with Elementary or Preteens).
  5. Do have a first-aid kit with each vehicle.


  1. Don’t forget to count your kids.
  2. Don’t forget to communicate details about the trip (Like Wear a Swimming Suit).
  3. Don’t wait to book your location- as soon as you know where you would like to go, book it.
  4. Don’t advertise your event until you have booked it.
  5. Don’t forget to check with your administrator about church policies regarding how to transport children.  (My church can only transport in church approved vehicles with pre-approved drivers in town, charters with Professional drivers must be used for anything over 50 miles. )



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