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Manger scene figures are often fragile and not appropriate to use in a preschool classroom. Shop for non-breakable manger scene figures to use for a game or other activities during December.

Hide manger scene figures in a box filled with shredded paper. Guide preschoolers to find the figures. After the manger scene figures are found, display the figures with a picture about  Jesus’  birth.


Supplies for Game:

  • unbreakable manger scene figures
  • basket or small box such as a shoe box
  • shredded tissue paper or foil paper
  • Bible teaching picture to show birth of Jesus


  1. Fill the basket or box with the shredded paper. Hide the manger scene figures in the shredded paper.
  1. Place the basket or box near the Bible with a Bible marker for Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:1).

Teaching Tips:

  • Involve the preschoolers in finding the manger scene figures. Encourage a child to identify the figure he finds.
  • When all the figures have been located, explain that the Bible tells us about the birth of Jesus and what happened in Bethlehem.
  • Be ready to make a connection to the Bible story for the session. Think about other Bible stories during the month as you talk about the good news that God sent His Son to be born.
  • Pray, thanking God for Jesus and for the Bible that helps us learn about His birth.

Alternate Idea: Substitute manger scene stand-up figures from leader packs for the  unbreakable figures.

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