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Now it’s September and most of you have started a new year of teaching with a new class of kiddos.  Here are five tips to consider as you are getting started with your new class.  Be sure you invest your time wisely with these ideas so your year gets started with greater success.  Work to build re pot and relationships with the kids as soon as possible!

  1. Know the children you teach. Study the general characteristics for the age group you will be teaching. This will help as you plan the learning activities. As you teach the children in your classroom, you will get to know their specific characteristics. This information will guide the way you teach.
  1. Start planning early in the week. Begin with the Personal Bible Study in your leader guide. You can’t teach what you don’t know! This Bible study will prepare you personally and give God an opportunity to speak His directions to you. Take a look at the learning activities and resources needed. Begin to think of how you can use Bible conversation during learning activities. How will you reinforce the life application? Look in the resources of Mr. Mark’s Classroom and download the free books “Understanding Preschoolers” and “Understanding Children”.
  1. Arrive EARLY! I like to arrive 20-30 minutes before Sunday School to turn on lights and pray over the classrooms as I turn on the lights. Arriving early allows time to set up the classroom and create a good teaching environment. Be prepared to greet children at eye level when opening the door. Express love in your greeting, and tell the child you are happy he came to Sunday School. Get any needed information from the parent, and help the child get settled into a learning activity.
  1. Follow up with guests and absentees each week. Your notes and texts are powerful and communicate your genuine care for the child and the family.  You will have to plan to do this each Sunday afternoon or Monday morning or your busy schedule will run right passed it each week.
  1. Evaluate the Sunday School experience. Which learning activities were successful for using the life application? What should be done differently for group time? What did you learn about the children you teach? A few minutes to consider the class time will help you with future planning.





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