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This is a great and easy way to create your clubhouse decoration with no painting.  The clubhouse comes with a door panel, window panel and a flat roof panel.  Each panel is printed on high quality photo paper to best show the rustic quality of the wood grain plank features.  The panels are shipped in tubes and ready to adhere to the Styrofoam or cardboard panels. Once constructed it is ready for display with no messy painting.


All you need is an appliance box or cardboard that is 4’x4′ on each side and top.  If you use a foam construction panel or sheet of cardboard from a box store, lay the 8’x4′ sheet of cardboard flat and locate the Center (4′).  Score the down the middle to be able to bend the cardboard in half easily.  Be sure you don’t cut it apart.


Begin by adding the door panel.  Cut along the side of the door and top where it opens.  Add small loops of Mavalus Tape along the back top of the panel and fix it to the cardboard.


Now, add more loops of tape in a row across the back just above the door opening then smooth that row onto the cardboard.  Next, add tape loops on the back working down the side of the door toward the bottom and smooth on the cardboard. Finally, add loops of tape the back of the door and hinge side then smooth down to the cardboard.  The door will open easier if you score the back of the cardboard along the line of the hinge side of the door.

Add the window panel by taping the panel to the cardboard beginning at the top and working in rows of tape loops in the back.  Smooth the taped panel down as you go.  When the window panel is in place, use a sharp utility knife to cut the window opening and remove.


Create the top roof by scoring an 8’x 4′ sheet of cardboard in half then folding it over to double thickness.  Use tan duct tape around the edge of the cardboard panel to secure it from coming apart or shifting.  Add the printed roof panel with Mavalus Tape loops on the back then attach it to the structure face down with duct tape.  Finally, open the roof and prop it with tubes and telescope.  Add a light inside for visual interest.

Flat Roof Clubhouse (3 panels) $ 79.97

Extra Flat Roof Inside Panels (2 panels) $47.97

Mavalus Tape- $3.49 per roll

Available through

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