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Provide a tub of water and several resources for crafting a boat that the kids think will be “seaworthy”.  Put out paper, Styrofoam cups, duct tape, foil, play clay, etc.  Test each vessel.  Do they trust their boat?  What is the most precious thing they would float in their boat without worrying?  The most precious thing that has ever floated in a boat is a human life.  God has a purpose for each life and He uses unique ways to save the life of someone who has a unique purpose in His plan.  If you have lots of time and energy, let kids race the boats across a baby pool.  Provide a miniature basket and watch it sink as it fills up.  What can be done to make the basket float?  Dip the basket in warmed wax several times and let it encase the weave and cool.  Now will it float?  Use in a study about Noah, Moses, Jonah, or Peter.

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