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Puzzles can be purchased for some Bible stories. These puzzles help a child identify the people and places in the Bible story. The puzzles help teachers guide preschoolers to understand Bible truths.

Teacher-made puzzles can be used for each weekly Bible story. Consider using the Bible story pictures to make foam puzzles.


Supplies for Foam Puzzles:

  • Bible story teaching picture (available in curriculum leader packs)
  • copy of Bible story picture
  • sticky foam sheets (available at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby)
  • scissors
  • quart-size zip-lock bag



1. Copy the Bible story picture before using to make a puzzle. This will provide a  picture for the child to see as he works the puzzle.

2. Cut the sticky foam sheet to fit the picture.

3. Peel the paper off the foam sheet and carefully place the picture (picture side up) on the sticky side.

4. Cut the picture into puzzle pieces (about 7 pieces).

5. Place the puzzle pieces in a bag with the copy of the picture.

Teaching Tips:

  • Display the teaching picture near the Bible. Open the Bible to the reference for the Bible story.
  • Point to the picture for the Bible story, and then guide the child to work the matching puzzle in the bag.
  • Talk to the child about the people in the picture. Read a Bible verse that relates to the Bible truths for the story.
  • Remind the child that he is learning what the Bible says—You learn from the Bible (2 Timothy 3:15).

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