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My class made these last Sunday as a gift for their parents and I thought you might enjoy this idea too.  It is super simple and here is all you need to do it:

  • Clear Plastic Ball Ornaments
  • Christmas Ribbon
  • Masking Tape
  • Permanent Marker
  • Pipe Cleaner or Thin Ribbon
  • Copy of the Christmas Tagdownload here!

Ask a child to stand against the wall and place a strip of masking tape on the wall to show how tall they are now.  I wrote the name of the child on the tape.  It might be fun if I leave them on the wall so when it’s time to promote to the next class, we can compare and see how much they have grown.  Next, allow the child to help you stretch out the Christmas ribbon to their height and cut it.  Show them how to push the ribbon in the ornament opening (sometimes a pencil eraser end helps).  Secure the top on the ornament.  Ask the child to write their name and either their age or the year on the back of the tag.  Tie the tag to the ornament with some thin ribbon or pipe cleaner.

Christmas Doodle Posters

Kids have loved coloring these Doodle Art Posters in classrooms and hallways.  Mr. Mark creates a bulletin board with a fresh poster and a tub of markers so kids arriving early or waiting for parents at pick-up time can color the posters.  Everyone loves seeing the progress and yes, we have caught Mr. Mark coloring too.  It’s just fun!  We have been surprised how kids have calm conversations with each other and with teachers while they work together.  

The large posters are 3’x 3’ filled with lots of interesting design elements to catch your creative eye.  Be sure to see the seasonal and holiday posters available as well as the “anytime” posters that we have coming soon.  There is a bundle of six posters for Vacation Bible School with scripture and Bible truths to encourage any child.  Buy the Doodle Art Posters individually or in a set or four at a lower price.  Click here to order your large Doodle Art Poster!

Download Doodle Art Posters are available at a reduced price and for immediate download to your computer which saves costs of any shipping charges.  The downloaded posters can be purchased and printed on 11×17 size paper to create a large poster that is 3’x 3’ and filled with lots of interesting design elements to catch your creative eye..  Print all you want for your class.  Trim the white margin edge and staple to the bulletin board so the coloring can begin. Easy and Fun! Click here to see our downloadable Doodle Art Posters!

Mr. Mark wants everyone to have a free Bulletin Board Nativity Download! Click here to get the freebie, print it out, and staple it together to create a wonderful masterpiece!

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