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Items for each child: a 4”-5”cardboard circle, 7 colors of yarn – each strand 24 “ long, a pen, ruler, scissors, and something sharp to poke a hole in the center

Draw  4 even lines across face of the circle, crossing  at center. Cut the line from the outside about 1/2”.  Poke a hole in the center.  Line up the strands of yarn and tie them together at the end.  Pull all of the strands through the hole.  Line up each strand on one of the lines and hook it into the 1/2” slit.  There will be one slit open.  Count  3 strands to the right of the open slit.  Move that yarn to the open slit and hook it.  Now you have a new open slit.  Count 3 strands to the right of the open slit and move that yarn to the open slit.  Repeat until the bracelet is desired length and then tie off.  You will want to tug the bracelet from the back knot occasionally.

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