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Fun Spider Facts

Yes! God even made the spiders. Creepy and crawly, fall is a great time to discover facts about spiders.
What you will need:
• Construction paper, yellow, purple, green, black
• Wiggle eyes, 2 per child
• Paper with spider facts on it
• Glue
Put it together:
1. Cut 1 large circle from the yellow paper for the body and 1 smaller circle from the purple for the head of the spider (or use whatever colors you like).
2. Cut 8 strips of green construction paper (per child) for the legs.
3. Have the child glue the body toward the top of the paper.
4. Show the children how to “accordion” fold the legs. Glue them to the back of the purple circle.
5. Glue the head to the body with the legs sandwiched between.
6. Glue the wiggle eyes on.
7. Discuss with the children the facts about spiders. God made them unique even though there are many types of spiders. Glue the fact sheet to the paper.

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