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Every classroom needs giant dice at some point.  Preschoolers use them for counting and adding which is perfect for inserting strong literacy learning. Elementary children play large group games and review games.   So, here is a quick way to create some durable dice to use in your room.

Gather materials needed:

  • 4×4 or 6×6 inch boxes from Wal Mart office supplies section
  • Duct tape-  Two different solid colors (patterned tape was not as easy to read)
  • Box tape
  • Newspaper (optional)

Instructions to assemble: 

Use the box tape and close one end of the box.  Stuff the box with newspaper if you desire the die to be weighted.  Close the other end and tape securely.  Next, use the duct tape to cover the sides already sealed with box tape.  Now, wrap the other four sides with long strips of tape until the box is totally covered.  Finally, tear or cut small squares or dotes of duct tape (different color) to place on each side of the die indicating the number for that side.



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