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What is the Sharpen Conference Super Pack? 23 recorded sessions, all the conference handouts, and the 200 page Sharpen Notebook packed with tons of ideas. Ideal for training’s, resources, and guidance in children’s ministry. What a deal! This will only be available through April 30th, so order your pack today!

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Giant Game Floor Mat

Use directional arrows to make your Giant Game Floor Mat into a game board.

You will need:

  • Giant Game Floor Matmat
  • Sheets of paper with the following directional signs
    • START and FINISH pages, 10-straight arrows, and 9-left turn arrows
  • Game pieces
  1. Place the START page in the lower right-hand corner.
  2. Place 2 straight arrows in the next 2 pouches, then 2-left turn arrows to direct the players around the corner.
  3. Repeat this pattern until you reach the opposite corner where you will place the FINISH
  4. Game pieces could be different colored tumblers, toys that are theme-related to your game topic, or allow the kids to be the game pieces.

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