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I had the privilege of meeting with state children’s leaders who invest and resource churches in their state.  It was a blessing to sit among visionary leaders who deeply love the word of God and spend countless hours resourcing churches, training teachers and providing encouragement in children’s ministry.  They are an inspiration to me.

               During our meeting together we discussed a new book, “Gospel Centered Kid’s Ministry” by Brian Dembowczyk.  We also had the opportunity to visit with him in a web interview where he walked through and explained the focus of this approach.  Brian is deeply committed to teaching the Word and how we use all the Bible to explain God’s incredible gift of salvation.

               With his permission I recorded his presentation and want to share it with you.  Be sure to print his teaching outline below to assist you while you enjoy is presentation.  The book is available and after you hear this, you may want to order one while they last.  We use Gospel Project material at our church with our elementary kids and we have enjoyed the activities, walking through the Bible chronologically and tying the gospel into each lesson as we share Christ with kids. Thank you Brian.

Brian Dembowczyk
The Gospel Project Managing Editor

Big Idea: A gospel-centered kids ministry teaches the Bible is one big story of Jesus, seeks to position the gospel to transform each kid’s heart, and seeks to release each kid on mission.


  1. When the gospel is in the margins
    • 70% of young adults drop out of the church
    • 2/3 will return later
    • 20% will leave the church for good
  2. Why are we seeing this drop out?
    • Biblical moralism
    • We have failed to give the gospel that satisfies the heart
    • Matthew 11:28-30
  3. We need to recover and/or cement gospel-centered kids ministries

Gospel-Centered Teaching

  1. What is the gospel?
    • The big story of the Bible about Jesus
    • Luke 24:27
    • General outline of the gospel story
      • God created (Genesis 1-2)
      • Man rebelled (Genesis 3)
      • Man tried (Genesis 4-Malachi 4) 
      • God provided (Gospels)
      • Jesus transforms (Acts-Epistles) 
      • Jesus returns (Revelation
    • Benefits of teaching the story of the gospel
      • It connects more deeply
      • It shows the gospel’s beauty more clearly
      • It expresses the why of the gospel more effectively
      • It gets us to Jesus each session more faithfully
  1. Practical take-aways
    • What does this story teach me about Jesus and the gospel?
    • Include some of the harder concepts and stories
    • Step back and review bigger story frequently

Gospel-Centered Transformation

  1. The gospel stirs our affections
    • Luke 24:32
  1. Key issue
    • Obedience for or obedience from
    • Motivation matters
    • The Sermon on the Mount
  2. Practical take-aways
    • Filter all application through the gospel
    • The destination (application) and the path to it (through the gospel or around it) both matter
    • David and Goliath

Gospel-Centered Mission

  1. Kids are not the church of tomorrow
    • Ephesians 4:4-6
    • Theological support and functional benefit
      • The greatest mission field in America: kids
      • The greatest missionaries to this field: kids
    • Practical take-aways
      • Cast vision
      • Equip them
      • Send them out
      • Encourage them


  1. David’s Kindness to Mephibosheth
    • 2 Samuel 9:1-13


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