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Mr Mark,
Have you worked with people who are always talking about their successes? For Months? Makes me wanna barf! The thing is, they are self-promoting to feel valued so I guess they are insecure with who they are or what they do. Here’s a better question, “Are you that guy?”

I want to help you move away from that. First, you have been called by God to lead in children’s ministry. Which is a high calling since God has trusted you with the most impressionable age for leading an individual to Christ and becoming a life-long follower of Jesus. Second, you are of great value to your church, the children and your pastor so stop comparing yourself to others because the best you will be is number two. Instead, just be you. The way God designed you to be. Your entire staff serves the Lord with one heart but you are the only one that serves in your particular area and that position is not like the others on your staff. You should never compare yourself to them. You are different. Embrace the difference and celebrate the diversity.

In this encore podcast, I invite Miss Amy Adams to discuss these ideas and more to help you and I better become the leader God designed us to be. There was such a great discussion that I had to create a two-part podcast. Dive into this first part and jot down any ideas that surface. Pray about it then hold your head high as you lead out in children’s ministry. Your life is a gift to those children and families, so go make it count.

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