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I was leading a conference last week and heard a great idea!  It’s a game called, “Dead Bug.”  No props needed so if you need to fill a bit of time remaining in your class or the preacher went long, just play this.  Tell all the kids to lie in the floor like a dead bug.  Count to five and the game begins.  If anyone moves, they are out!  Great Idea!  For more ideas, Check out the new Holiday Book- Ideas Gone Wild- FREE.

 What is your rescue game?

Mr. Mark

Here’s some great ideas to use next Sunday with your kids.  Check back on Tuesdays for ideas to use with your Preschoolers.  Both have printable copies for easy distribution.  Enjoy!

Circle Dodge Ball












Objective:  Play a controlled game of dodge ball where it is hard to not get what’s coming to you—a direct hit.  Use the game to discuss the differences between “getting even” and “giving grace”.

Kids form a circle with three or four kids in the middle of the circle.  Use soft foam balls or pool noodles to play dodge ball with a twist.  Only those on the outside who make up the circle, get to throw the balls.  The kids in the middle can only dodge.  Multiple balls keep the game fast and fun, since the  center dodgers have no idea from which direction the next ball might come.  If you are hit, you trade places with the person who tagged you with the ball.  Is there a temptation to hold a grudge? hmmm?

Bandage Reminders












Objective:  Create physical reminders that God desires for us to pray for our enemies and to forgive rather than hold grudges.

Guide kids to come up with phrases that get that message across.  Use verses (Eph 4:31-32, Lev 19:18, Matt 6:14-15) or come up with your own catchy poems and word plays.  Examples: “Keep calm and forgive others”, “You can only hold so many things, don’t make one of them a grudge”, “Forgiveness feels better than resentment”, “Grudges are ugly. Be beautiful”.  Write the messages on self-stick bandages and wear them like a removable tattoo.  Application: it is your choice to leave a grudge stuck on you or to peel it off like peeling a bandage off of a healed wound.  Let it go, be happy, honor God, and show His love!

Key Passages- It’s in the bag!












Objective:  To help kids see where and how the key passages you are emphasizing fit into the Bible as a whole.

Make copies of all of the key passages you are emphasizing this year.  If you do not use key passages (like a Bible Drill program), make a copy of each of your memory verses for the year .Now sort them into plastic zip bags by books of the Bible.  Place all the book baggies that share a division of the Bible into larger sandwich baggies.  Now place all of the division baggies into larger gallon baggies labeled Old Testament or New Testament.  Once it’s all in the bag, go backwards.  Who can be the first to find the verse/passage in the baggies when you read a title or a few words.  Where IS that thing?

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