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I was leading a conference last week and heard a great idea!  It’s a game called, “Dead Bug.”  No props needed so if you need to fill a bit of time remaining in your class or the preacher went long, just play this.  Tell all the kids to lie in the floor like a dead bug.  Count to five and the game begins.  If anyone moves, they are out. Great Idea!  What is your rescue game?

Mr. Mark


Spell Names with Clothespinsclosepin

Cut heavyweight paper into strips (like bookmarks).  Print a child’s name on each paper strip; leave a little extra space between the letters to spread the name.  Print names of people in the Bible story, too.  Print individual letters on spring clothespins. Make several of each letter so children will have the letters they need to spell the names.  Show a child how to clip a clothespin under the matching letter.  As children spell names from the Bible story, talk about what that person did.

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