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What’s New:

“What Does The Clock Say” was posted earlier this week and a funny reminder for your kids to see about time change this Sunday!  Spring Forward!

What’s True:

Working with complainers stinks!!!  Are you one? Picture1

Here’s the guide to being Miserable in Kid’s Ministry

1.Whatever happens…find whatever really sucks about it.

Nothing is ever perfect.  Why focus on the weakness and never enjoy the strengths and successes.  Learn from mistakes but learn to celebrate the victory.

2. You are always a victim.

You are powerless to fix it. It’s like an emotional vampire sucking the life out of you and no one cares.  Seriously?  I suggest losing the drama.  It is not helping you at all!

3. No one understands me… ever.

Are you saying those words?  Maybe you never feel appreciated?

4. Argue about everything.

Especially if someone want s to help you.  Maybe you put this front up because you don’t want someone to really know you.  What are you protecting yourself from?

5. Be spiteful.

Make comments with generalizations so no one can pin down any real issue.  If you’ve never been able to get respect then being miserable  might at least get you some attention.. Validation that you exist.  Being miserable will always give you an excuse or someone to blame when things go wrong (and they will).

What to Do:  Mission Ignition-

Leave a question for Episode 50 in these show notes and help us celebrate #50!!! 

All questions and emails with questions will be entered into a drawing for the new resource notebook being released April 1.  Five winners will be announced during Episode 50.

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