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Why do teachers avoid discipline?

They don’t know what to do.

They have not prepared adequately for the session.

They are too busy.

They want the children to be happy.

They believe giving in once won’t hurt.

They are just trying to get through the session.

They lack a personal relationship with the children.


“To create an atmosphere of positive discipline the teacher must be a positive role model and set the example.  They will follow your lead.”


What is the goal of discipline?  Self Discipline- the child will learn to create boundaries and a sense of good and bad choices to help focus them for a positive result.  Talk through decision making with the child. Coaching


What is the process of discipline?

One warning, then consequence for bad choice.  The word discipline describes the process of helping a child grow.

Jesus Example- Luke 2:52, “Jesus grew in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man.”  The process of developing a sense of discipline or self-control allows a child to grow in what and how he thinks, how he treats his body and how he relates to God and people around him.  Focus on discipline as training.

*Remember these children will act like children, don’t forget to enjoy them.


What are the attitudes of discipline? Teacher/ Trainer not punisher Use language that encourages, in a child’s frustration-offer words or questions to help them describe their feelings, help kids to not give up.

Encourage them to use their words to describe their feelings.


What is the environment of discipline? Room set-up, clear distractions, self-directed learning, satisfaction, teacher praise, affirmation, celebration, cooperation with others, choices

Give positive feed back. NOT- You’re going to listen, even if it kills you!


What part does “Punishment” play in discipline?  Negative, Time-out is labeling and belittling. Try facing the consequences of bad choices. “Discipline becomes a system of consistent choices, consequences, and boundaries.  The ultimate goal is self-discipline.” The question every teacher should ask is not, “How can I punish this child for what he did?” but rather, “What can the child learn from this situation?”

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