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Hey Friends!

Many of you may not know that I have moved from the Baptist General Convention of OK to serve as Children’s Pastor of Quail Springs Baptist Church in OKC.  God has lead me to serve on church staff again and I am loving it.  I just unpacked my office and started calling people (I don’t know yet) to be teachers for Sunday School.

Mr. Mark’s Classroom will continue but is has slowed slightly while being moved to a new host.  The address is the same but if you discover small changes and updates, you will understand why.  This transition time is not difficult but does require some focus and time.  I feel confident the move will be complete soon and ideas will be flowing for the holidays and the “every days” like before.

Feel free to add you name to the email updates or even to unsubscribe at the bottom of each email if you need.  I appreciate the guest writers that send me ideas.  This is a great place to swap ideas.  My desire is to provide teacher/ minister ideas you can use and refer back to when needed.  I am hoping to add video training very soon too. I’m convinced that trained teachers have staying power and make a difference in the kids lives.  Thanks for your patience!

Mr. Mark

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