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Today my special guest is Paula Lawson, Children’s Minister in Blanchard Oklahoma.  Be sure to listen to her wonderful ideas for organizing the Children’s Minister and the Children’s Ministry.  She provided a couple of great handouts that will serve you well.  This is an episode to listen to again and again.  Thank you Paula, for sharing such great insight for bringing order to our world of Children’s Ministry. 


A Children’s minister is charged with balancing a multitude of ministry tasks. Good organizational skills can increase our effectiveness for the sake of the Kingdom. As Children’s Ministers, our organizational skills will set the tone for our ministry and those who work alongside us as we minister to children and families.

“For Every Minute Spent in Organizing, An Hour is Earned.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

Organize your Time

  1. Quiet Time
  2. Realistic goals/outline priority
  3. Margins/build in breaks
  4. Block time

Organize your Workspace

  1. Room to move/clutter free
  2. If you don’t use it – chunk it
  3. Make your space enjoyable
  4. File things immediately
  5. Virtual workspace
    • Switch off notifications
    • E-mail folders

Organize your Projects

  1. Calendar
  2. Top priority
  3. Next in line
  4. Something new – stay creative
  5. Use checklist
  6. Work on one item at a time


  1. Camp
  2. ETC
  3. One with all
  4. Staff meetings
  5. Training
  6. VBS
  7. Wed nights
  8. Weekday


  1. Books read/Books yet to read
  2. Equipping
  3. Games
  4. Promotion

File or Electronic Folders For:

  1. Baby Dedication
  2. Camp Forms
  3. Childcare Request Forms/Past Childcare
  4. Children Enrolled in Weekday
  5. Classroom Helps
  6. CY (cover yourself)
  7. Fall Festival
  8. Handbooks/Job Descriptions/Bylaws/ Procedures/ Security
  9. Incident Reports
  10. Levels of Biblical Learning/Bible Skills
  11. Meeting Agendas
  12. Mission Opportunities
  13. Paid Workers/ Volunteers/ Volunteer Applications
  14. Promotion
  15. Record of Commitment
  16. Sunday & Wednesday Info
  17. Surveys

Printable: Prioritized Task List Template



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