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Objective: Kids create bee-shaped tear-off reminders to use kind words with their family.  Cut long almond shaped ovals from black paper.  Use yellow paper strips to create the bee stripes.  Once glued, have kids write out Proverbs 16:24 on the yellow pieces.  Give kids copy weight paper or wax paper for wing pieces.  Cut out an even number of elongated ovals. Now, have kids think up kind words like “love”, “pretty”, “smart”, “good job, “wonderful”, etc.  Write one word per wing.  Now staple the wings to the side of the bee.  Instruct the kids to put the bee up by their bed.  When they wake up, they are to tear off a wing word and put it in their pocket/backpack.  They can’t throw it away until they use that kind word with everyone in the family.

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