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God has really blessed me with Ministry Interns.  This summer I enjoyed having five college students lead VBS clubs in nearby apartments. They led Wednesday evening classes and activities as well as teaching in SS when teachers were out on vacation.  We saw these amazing men and women touch lives and leave lasting impressions on kids.

Summer ended and I expressed my appreciation over and over but I didn’t know the gift God was about to give me (entrust to me).  I had four students ask if they could continue with no pay.  Wow!!Ministry Intern Pic

These students have all accepted the call from God to be Children’s Minsters and they want to learn more.  Most of them graduate this year and they are preparing for the church in a few months a few months. 

I made a revision to the job description and found some budget money to at least buy their gas to and from school (driving 45 minutes one way).  Here are a few adjustments I made to be sure I was investing in them wisely.

  • Preschool SS Lead Teachers (Twos, Threes, Pre-K and Kindergarten) and each month they rotate to a different age group for experience.
  • Extended Teaching Care/ Children’s Worship
  • Wednesday Night Bible Skills and Missions with grade school
  • Teacher Meetings, Parent Meetings & Staff Meetings on occasions
  • An hour each Wednesday night after we are finished teaching we meet to deal with experiences and questions from the week.  I try to use a conference hand-out to enrich the discussion.

I want to help equip these leaders to be successful and prepared as they follow God and begin their ministry in the near future. 

We need to find more Timothies to mentor in ministry.  Are you willing?  Will you budget for this?  They will bless you!!  What do you think?

Here is the Childhood Ministry Intern Job Description I wrote.  I left it in the Word Document so you can easily edit it to fit your needs best.

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Timothy Intern

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