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Written By: Laurie Fryklund

Here is a great idea!  I always try to take a fun travel size game or coloring book when I visit a child in the hospital.  This way we can talk and play a game at the same time.  Candy is generally a bad idea so make your surprise fun without eating something.  You can involve the kids in your church to help. hospital

Plan with your class to make “Goodie Fun Bags” for children from your church (or not) that are in the hospital. Develop a list of items you would like to include in each bag. The dollar store is a great resource. You could ask each child to bring an item from the list, or collect items like coloring books, crayons, puzzles, kazoos, silly putty, small toys, etc. The children in your class can make generic cards to include in each bag like; “We are praying for you, Get well soon!, Your friends at church”. Let the children decorate plain gift bags. Give these to the Children’s Ministry office at your church to take when they go and visit a child in the hospital.

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