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Children’s Minister– How can we teach parents to spend time with their kids in scripture?

Mr. Mark--UGGG!  I feel your pain!scripture

I think providing simple resources, ideas or suggestions are critical since parents often don’t know what to do.  Simple instructions and options for times when parents can spend time with their kids reading the Bible are great.  Maybe if you write a letter or print a guide in the church newsletter, so families can have something to follow.  I helped write a guide during the week before Easter and families really enjoyed and appreciated that.

Start small with a group of moms or a Sunday School class so you can try to get some consistency going.  Calendar yourself a monthly reminder to send helps for people about family Bible reading.  It’s a great idea to feature brief testimonies that people express to you.  It will take a lot to raise awareness because often we forget to keep people aware of this very foundational need in every home.  Let me know what you decide and how it is going.

Community- What have you done?  What would you recommend?

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