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Our drive to the church on Sundays and Wednesdays was always a guaranteed time of meaningful conversation.  Since our mealtimes together are fewer at least we still had the time in the car for meaningful conversation.  We talk, laugh and practice our Bible Drill verses, but not now.


My preteen daughter always joined in our talk time or reviewing our verses until… she got an ipod.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my ipod when I’m working in the yard but I hate her ipod.  What little time we have is now being sucked away by this tiny piece of media with unending ear damaging music.


What can we do to protect our children?  What are they observing that translate as truth to them?  Is the truth coming to them through some texts from friends when we could be talking?  All this media needs to be tempered.  Mine, yours and our children’s electronics.  There is a growing trend to quiet your child by passing back your cell phone so they can play the games and be entertained.  Warning!  Don’t let stuff take your place and rob from your relationship.


What about you, have you discovered any ways to steal some quality time with your kids?


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