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Welcome to my free Bible Drill tutorial and demonstrations.  I could have printed pages and pages of instructions but I’ve learned that most leaders really just want to see what to do and hear a few tips.  That’s what I provide here.  Watch it as many times as you need and show your teachers so they have a better understanding too.  Many people think this is too hard and the rules are too difficult to understand.  That’s nuts!  Just see my quick and simple explanations in this tutorial and then watch the brief demonstrations with some of kids (who think they are professional actors). 

You can reach me with questions on the contact page if I can help.  I’ve been teaching this on Wednesday nights for many years and I love seeing my kids discipled with Bible skills they will use for the rest of their life.  I will try to add more helps and ideas on Mr. Mark’s Classroom and to this page.  Click the links below and you will be educated and ready to lead in no time. 

Bible Drill Tutorials
Bible Drill Demonstrations
Bible Drill – Coaching the Kids    Bible Drill Set u
 Bible Drill – Conducting a Sword Drill    Bible Book Calls
 Bible Drill – Conducting Bible Drill    Key Passage Calls
 Bible Drill – Materials Needed for Bible Skills, Drills & Thrills   Completion Calls
 Bible Drill – Organizing Your Meeting    Quotation Calls
Bible Drill Overview     Sword Drill

Find more great resources on my Bible Drill Tutorials and Demonstrations page.


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