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“I Spy” the Reason for the Season Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt


Plan an evening to take the kids to look at Christmas lights.   Print an “I Spy” check-list that includes the symbols listed below.


STAR:  Wise men followed- Matthew 2:9-10devo

ANGEL:  Announced to the shepherds- Luke 2:9-11

CANDY CANE:  “J” for Jesus- Matthew 1:21; Shepherd’s staff- Luke 2:8-11

TREE:  Everlasting life- John 3:16

BELL:  Good News- Luke 2:10

PRESENT: Gifts of the wise men- Matthew 2:9-11

HOLLY:  Crown of thorns- Matthew 27:29

CANDLE:  Light of the World- Matthew 5:14

MANGER SCENE:  Luke 2:16


When you return, discuss the meaning of the symbols you found.  Remind the kids that we have to look past the Santa and reindeer to see the real reason for Christmas.

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