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I remember when our first child was a year old and we wanted to start having family devotions.  It felt awkward to put this into our nightly routine.  He had his bath, pajamas, drink, and instead of reading a story, we decided to sing a couple of songs, read our Bible story and pray together.  It was not hard, and the awkward feeling we had about starting this, soon disappeared.  It was an easy routine.

As our family grew and got busier, we were just happy to get home, poke some food down their throats, run them through the showers, while doing homework and listening to them read.  The evening became chaotic and packed with important stuff that had to be done.  The beautiful “Norman Rockwell” scene of family devotion time was history.  We were in survival mode.

I still have such fond memories of those early years.  It would be great to share that again, even if it were once a week.  Here’s my challenge.  Can you ask your families to have a gathering time on Sunday, April 2?  We are using the Gospel Project Curriculum with our elementary kids and that day the Bible study focuses on Jesus’s Baptism.  I’m planning ahead.  I have written a Family Reflection sheet that simply recalls the lesson taught that day with a short game, some discussion ideas, and a parenting tip.  There is a link below so you can print it and distribute it to parents like I will.

Even if you don’t use the same curriculum, you will like the focus on Jesus’s baptism and what that means to us.  This is a key conversation that kids like to discuss as they are moving closer toward salvation.  Let the conversations begin!

I will be providing an Easter Devotional Guide next week.  It was written by our pastoral staff and me.  We removed all our church’s information so you can include your information.  Watch for that next week.

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

Click here to download Family Reflections April 2.

Download the Printable SHARPEN Promotion with Schedule.

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