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You can!  I have the opportunity to lead kids to Christ every week.  I use the same approach and it always allows us to have a conversation.  Click here for the video I created to better assist in demonstrating my approach.  I use a large white marker board to show you but I always sit next the child and write these things on a sheet of paper.  A couple of key ideas I might mention are:

1. Welcome the child with an energy of excitement and acceptance.

2. Invite the parent to join you and be involved (just don’t answer for the child).

3. Begin by praying.  Invite the Holy Spirit to bring understanding to us all.

4. Avoid big words or churchy language.  Explain words like “resurrection” when they come up.

5. No need to push a child, plan more appointments to meet and continue the discussion if they are not ready at this time.

6. After a child prays for salvation, reassure them that God heard their prayer and forgave their sin.

7. Take a tour of the baptistery and discuss what happens.  Set a date to be baptized.

8. Provide invitation to attend the child’s baptism 9. Provide a plan for growth.  New Christians Class, journal and Bible Reading Plan, etc.

10. Follow-up with parents to assist in any questions they might have.

I hope you will find this demonstration video helpful.  Demonstrate this to the parents in your church or show the video if you prefer.  By raising the level of awareness, you will see children begin to ask questions and conversations will start.  The beauty is seeing kids come to Christ and begin a wonderful spiritual journey with God. 

What are some suggestions you might add to this list?

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