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Alright ya’ll, yesterday was Easter and I know that every single thing went perfectly in your Sunday School classes!!  Yeah, right!?!

I know ya’ll probably had some crying, screamin’ babies, (some mamas did too!) and more kids than you knew what to do with, and frilly dresses and plastic eggs up to your pretty little eye balls, but come on…it’s kinda fun, right?  Little boys in their 3 piece suits with a clip on tie is just stinkin’ adorable.  Now, if you are like me, (and if you are, I’m truly sorry), you most likely did a little, shall I say, punting?  Even with the best laid plans, sometimes you just don’t have enough craft sticks for the “hoards” of children that show up or your game goes kerplunky!  So?…what did ya do?  Let me know the great ideas that came out of Easter 2014!

You ask, what did Id’a do?  Well, honey, let me tell you…things were good, but I did pull out the old “make a poster” that said “Jesus is Alive” written in block letters on big ‘ol paper for them kiddos to color! You know, as an extra idea.  And, they did.  Beautiful posters with crosses, pictures of Jesus, and great conversations to boot!  We had a great time celebratin’ that Jesus is Alive, cuz you know what? He is!  Isn’t that sweet!!

Tootle  ooooo!  Id’a

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