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Good Mornin’ Everbody!!!

I hope everybody is feelin’ fine! You know Id’a…she got so busy findin’ good ideas, she plum forgot to sit down and send’em to ya!  Hahahahaha!!!!

Welp, anywhoooo…Mr. Mark is up to it again.  He stopped at a thrift store this week (big surprise…his truck has a sticker that says “I brake for thrift stores”) and what did he find?  Well chiltren, I’ll tell ya…blocks.  That wasn’t very climatic was it?  Let’s try that again…B L O C K S!!!  You know the wooden kind that the church has?  And what do you suppose?  Mr. Mark had an idea.  A good one too!  He is going to spray paint them with chalkboard paint!  Can you believe that?  How fun will it be for boys and girls to play with them blocks and be able to write messages on them?  I’ll just tell ya…super Fun with a capital F!  That Mr. Mark, he’s always thinkin’.  So, you too can do the same thing.  Now don’tcha go liftin’ any of those precious blocks out of those baby’s classrooms at the church…you find ya a thrift store…or, you could buy the church some new ones and use the old ones for the new project…Shazam!  I love ya’ll and can’t wait to hear about your Sunday!

This Blockhead gots to go…Id’a.

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