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You need’em and I got’em!!  Ya’ll, listen, Id’a has been out ‘n about collecting up some more great ideas to use in Sunday School.  The thang is, you could use’em any ole time you want!  They go with lots of lessons and right now is the time to jump on the wagon, or in our case, JOIN THE HOARD!

Preschool has a terrific idea using a game floor mat!  So stinkin’ fun!  And, believe it or not…the older kids will become a Human Game Board!  If that’s not enough to raise the hair on your back…I mean your neck, then I really don’t know what will.  Check it out, The Hoarder is exploding with possibilities!!!!


P.S.  The family devo feature is up—DO NOT MISS IT!!

Preschool Ideas

Kid Ideas

Family Devotion

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