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  • Ceramic Mug (Any light color- white is best though!)
  • Letter Stickers (Design/ color doesn’t matter.)
  • Sharpies (Any Colors– Metallic ones really pop!)
  • Hot Cocoa Packets (Optional)


  • Choose a letter sticker and place it on one side of the mug, press it until smooth.
  • Start with one color of sharpie and begin marking dots all around the sticker. Continue with additional colors as desired.
  • Idea is that the dots are more concentrated closer to the letter, and more spread out further out. You want all around the edge of the sticker to be pretty solid so that when you remove the sticker you see the outline of the letter.
  • Remove the sticker before baking, colors won’t bleed.
  • Bake the mug for 30minutes at250’F.
  • Remove with pot holders when done and allow to cool
  • Add hot tea/ cocoa packets and gift to a teacher, friend, parent, etc.
  • *Mugs from Dollar Tree work just as well as more expensive ones. We had our preteens make these at an event to gift to their school teachers, but could also be used for SS teacher gifts.

Check out this year’s VBS decoration here!

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