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The “Levels of Biblical Learning” from LifeWay, illustrates spiritual concepts and primary truths kids can learn throughout their preschool and elementary years.  One of these concept areas focuses on community and world.  From babies to preteens, children can learn to help others, be a part of God’s work, and to join God in His work as they are on mission to people of all cultures and ethnicities.  Kids can also learn how missionaries are people who tell other people about the good news of Jesus in their country and around the world.  Kids need to learn that all Christians are commanded to tell the people of the world, regardless of circumstances, about Jesus because God’s unconditional love through the sacrifice of Jesus is for all people, everywhere.
Etch Conference for Children and family ministry in Nashville October 3-5, 2016-

What are the Levels of Biblical Learning?

  • Who are they for?
  • When do you use them?
  • Where do you use them in Kid’s Ministry?
  • Where do you use them?
  • Why are these so important?
  • How do I get started?


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