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Hey Mr. Mark!

This is a great game!  We used this to review the Books of the Law, History and Poetry, as well as introduce Major Prophets.

Bucket Ball Prep:bucket

  1. Purchase a Bucket Blast or create something similar.
  2. Write the Books of the Bible on ping pong balls, making sure each room has at least one set of every division.
  3. Create an “off-limits” area where your bucket will be.

Bucket Ball Instructions:

  1. Using the poster provided in your room, introduce the books of the Major Prophets and review previous divisions.
  2. Form two teams, assigning them each a bucket that will be worn by one person during the game.
  3. Scatter all the ping pong balls around the room, instructing the kids to look for the Major Prophets.
  4. The goal is to get all of the balls off the floor and into the bucket that someone is wearing.  (It attaches around the waist.)
  5. The teams must gather the balls, and toss them to the player with the bucket. However, the bucket player must stay on the “X” and the rest of the team must stay off the carpet.  Depending on the age of the kids, you may instruct the person wearing the bucket to not use their hands in trying to catch the balls tossed to them.
  6. The Major Prophets balls = 5 points each.  The rest of the balls are 1 point each.
  7. Play as many times as you can, adding to the score each round.

Our kids LOVED this! It was great for introducing a new division because they had to learn the new books to get the most points.  It was also great for them to review the older divisions.

Let me know if you play it! I would love to see how the kids enjoyed it.

Leah Frances Eaton

Director of Children’s Ministry

FBC Starkville


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