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This Sunday is Palm Sunday and last year I began a rich tradition the entire church enjoyed.  We have special times with children in our worship service on Christmas Eve and many Sunday evening services when our children’s choirs sing.  Everyone loves to see the kids in the worship service but what are some thoughtful ways to include them?

On Palm Sunday (one week before Easter) our team organized and led the kids into our worship service with palm branches waving.  While the congregation was singing, we entered from several locations and met down front where everyone seated could see.  The music stopped, palm branches lowered and I began to explain to the children how the people honored Jesus as he entered the city.  I simply told the story of the Triumphal Entry quoting, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord,” and “Hosanna to the Son of David.” Asking the children and the congregation to repeat after me, they joined in the story and we shouted our praise.  I challenged the people to celebrate and praise Jesus this week as we remember the wonderful gift of forgiveness he has given to all of us.

After the two minute story, I prayed and thanked God for Jesus.  The music minister began leading the next song and we made our exit.  You could easily dismiss the children to go and sit with their families.  The flow of service was enhanced, children were involved, and adults participated in the worship.  All this and it only took a few minutes.

This is something every children’s leader can do.  Just ask your worship leader and  pastor.  Walk them through your plans and listen to any hesitation so you can negotiate a smooth delivery.  I have learned that these leaders enjoy adding small, special day moments but no one has suggested it or led out.  Today is your day. Ask!  Inform the Sunday School Teachers what is happening and ask them to lead their children’s class while waving their palm branches.  Just communicate it ahead and make sure everyone feel comfortable with the instructions.

Oh!  And buy some palm branches.  Your local florist will have some.

I added a video of last years’ service so you can see how it went.

Palm Sunday from Mr. Mark’s Classroom on Vimeo.

Tell me how it goes for you and send me a picture or video.  I would love to see.

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