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I ask a young man in his twenties if he knew what “411” means.  He quickly replied, “Nope, I have no idea.  What does it mean?”  I told him, “It means I am a dinosaur.”  He looked at me very puzzled while I explained that in the “Olden Days” a person could dial 411 and ask an operator of a phone number.  411 was officially called “Information” and your could dial that to get information.  It was wonderful.  He was unimpressed.

I want to invite you to join us for the Kid’s Ministry 411

Mark your calendar for Monday 4-11-16.  I will host a virtual kid’s ministry conference from 1:00-2:30 pm (CST).  You will be challenged and hear great ideas about leading your preschool & children’s ministry.  That’s right!  No travel, No lodging, just comfortable clothes and a moment to soak in all the great Kid Min 411 Information.  Mark your calendar now to attend the “Kid’s Ministry 411” where there will be plenty of seating for everyone!

Free Registration

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Look at your schedule and carve out time for this “virtual conference” to attend the Kid Ministry 411 without travel or lodging needed.  We are bringing the conference to you!

Register now! Kid’s Min 411 (Free Conference) April 11-


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