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  • Large cement mold tube 
  • Mailing tube 
  • Cardboard or foam board 
  • Plastic plant pot 
  • Heavy duty foil (extra-large) 
  • Clear plastic or laminating film.  
  • Tape (clear and colored) 



  1. Add clear plastic or laminating film to the opening of the pot to be the lens.  IMG_1383
  2. Insert the pot into the tube and secure with tape. 
  3. Cover the planting pot with foil. IMG_1386
  4. Cover the tube with long sheets of foil securely adhered to the tube with clear tape.
  5. Cut the foam board circle by tracing around the large tube and cutting it out.  Next, trace the mailing tube and cut out the center (like a donut).  Insert the mailing tube into the donut hole about two thirds.  Now insert the foam board into the end of the large tube and secure with tape. 
  6. Decorate with foil and colored tape stripes around the telescope. Add star cut-outs. 
  7. Add colorful painted ladders to be the telescope stand.  

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