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Better You = Better Team

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  In other words, you’ll attract leaders of the same caliber as you.  So if you’re feeling frustrated with your leadership team, it makes sense to first improve your leadership
skills.  Here are simple ways to do just that.

Keep learning. The key to good leadership is constant learning. When you think you know it all, you stop growing as a leader.

Read. Leaders are readers.  Books, blogs, and periodicals on children’s ministry leadership are in abundance.  Set aside an hour a week (or more) to stay informed.

Listen. Ask questions.  Don’t be the person with all the answers. There’s a reason God gave us two ears and one mouth. Do you listen more than you talk?

Watch. I often watch the older, wiser man on our church staff.  I do this gain wisdom and how to lead a team and respond in difficult situations.

Plan. Your spiritual gift will make you a better leader, so develop a spiritual growth plan each year.  Set specific goals such as reading five books that nourish your soul or listening to a ministry podcast every week to help you stretch.

Attend. The right conference can strengthen you in all the areas in which you want to grow. In addition, a visit to nearby churches can also be beneficial.  Call ahead and plan to tour the facilities, discuss strategies and protocol, and meet with the staff to see what’s working for someone them.

Network. Contact with other children’s ministry leaders is vital. Network online and join in conversations, ask questions, and provide insight when possible.  Make friends with other local children’s leaders.

Self–Correct. You’re going to make mistakes so you might as well learn from them.  One of the best ways to grow is to evaluate what you’ve done wrong and change your approach.  I want to be a better leader tomorrow than I am today, but this is a lifelong journey that requires a lot of patience.

As you improve and grow as a leader, you’ll see the quality of your leadership team improve and grow as well.  Remember, “Better You = Better Team.”


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