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Kids love painting experiences!


  • Variety of leaves
  • Paper plates
  • Play dough
  • Tape
  • Paint (fall colors)
  • Construction paper (fall colors)
  • Tray or shallow pan
  • Various types of paintbrushes (toothbrush, wide paint brush, skinny paint brush, etc.)
  • Smock


Gather a variety of leaves. Invite children to choose a leaf and place it on their construction paper. Show the child how to hold the leaf while painting around it or attach a small rolled piece of tape to the back of the leaf to secure it.  

Some ideas:

  • Paint around the edge of the leaf.
  • Use a skinny paintbrush to TAP paint around the leaf to reveal the leaf outline.
  • Provide a tray for children to lightly splatter paint around the leaf.
  • Use play dough to demonstrate how to make an impression of the leaf.

Remind the children that God made the leaves. Talk about the seasons.

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