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Enlist teachers who are committed to teaching Bible truths, willing to receive training, and understand that younger preschoolers learn through play and first-hand experiences.  Focus on providing an environment rich in sensory activities.  Because preschoolers handle and “mouth” most items, disinfect toys and equipment with a diluted bleach solution (one-fourth cup bleach to one gallon of water), mixed fresh for each session.  Then, provide opportunities for:


Seeing . . .

Clean, uncluttered floor space for playing, crawling, moving, exploring.

Age-appropriate toys, books, homeliving items, blocks, art materials (twos), puzzles, and nature items.

A Bible and Bible-related pictures.


Hearing . . .

Soft music from preschool LifeWay Sunday School music CDs.

Variety of sounds from toys, bells, chimes, rhythmic claps, taps, and so forth.

Calm, happy voices of teachers repeating simple words and phrases as they talk and sing to preschoolers.

Age-appropriate Bible phrases, story conversation, and prayer thoughts.


Smelling . . .

Pleasant smells from freshly sanitized teaching materials, equipment, bed linens, and room surfaces.

Aromas from nature items, such as an orange or empty spice container.  (Supervise carefully.)

Absence of teachers’ use strong perfumes or aftershave lotions.


Touching . . .

Variety of textures, including rough, smooth, slick, hard, or soft.

Safe, age-appropriate toys to explore, open, close, stack, fill, dump, push, pull, carry, and sort.

Teachers who are gentle as they hold, cuddle, rock, and diaper children.


Tasting . . .

Clean, safe teethers and toys for mouthing.

Parent-provided bottles and foods for babies and ones.

Simple snacks of crackers, cereals, water, or juice for ones and twos.

Special food experiences such as bananas or applesauce.  (Check for allergies.)


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