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In today’s vernacular, the word mojo is understood to be a power that may seem magical as it enables a person to be exceptionally effective and successful. In his new book, 31 Days to Finding Your Kids’ Ministry Mojo, Mark Jones reveals that the real power it takes to be successful in kids’ ministry comes from prepared leadership. And the key to prepared leadership is seeking the guidance and counsel of the Holy Spirit while endeavoring to lead kids to Christ.  

Having served in ministry for more than 30 years, Mark Jones understands the practical issues involved in developing new leadership skills. It is his desire to empower others to become champions in their own call to children’s ministry; that is why he has written this book. In his authentic and transparent narrative, Mark candidly shares both the successes and setbacks that he has experienced on his journey to leadership. 

As Mark walks with you through this 31-day journey of discovery, you will read each day’s topic and then thoughtfully answer three questions. The challenge is to be honest and real as you consider the subject, making notes and answering questions designed to move you to a new level of ministry leadership. So get ready — it’s time to find your very own kids’ ministry mojo! 

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