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Logical learners enjoy puzzles and magnetic letters offer many options for both preschoolers and elementary children.  I especially enjoy when two teams are racing to find the letters for the Bible verse printed out on poster board.  You should definitely give that a try!  Here is a simple alphabet magnet play on a baking sheet from the dollar store.  You could easily use an oil-drip pan from the automotive department with printed paper taped to it since the magnet will still stick through the paper.  Save all those games on paper you create in a folder to pull out a reuse. 

Supplies Needed: 

  • Magnetic letters (lower case and upper case) 
  • Permanent marker 
  • Baking sheet pan 


Write the alphabet in rows on the pan with equal spacing for the magnet letters to fit easily. Invite kids to match the magnetic letters to the pan and practicing each letter as they play. 

Option:  Print the alphabet letters and tape to the pan instead of writing on the pan. Printed spelling words, numbers also work well.

Option for older kids: Place all of the first letters of the books of the Bible in a box. Have kids draw out a letter from the box and use the magnet letters to spell the book of the Bible that starts with that letter. Or invite kids to use the letters to spell out Bible verses too. 

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