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  • Spray foam Insulation (one can) 
  • Cardboard (Larger than the fire pit) 
  • Marker 
  • Spray paint (Matte colors: black, brown, gray, white) 
  • Small wooden logs 
  • Tissue paper or cellophane wrapping (Colors: orange and yellow) 
  • Flashlights 
  • Knife 



Decide where this fire pit will be stored so you can know about how large to make it. Draw a circle on the cardboard for the size. Place the cardboard on a flat surface where it can stay undisturbed for 8-12 hours. 


Begin building the rocks of the foam pit by spraying out a mound about the size of your fist on to the cardboard. The foam will grow for several hours. If the amount you spray seems too small, you can always add more. Be sure to tap down any curls with the straw. Do not touch with your hands. Continue creating the rocks around the drawn circle. Skip every other rock so you can see how large it will swell, then go back and fill in the missing rocks. Let it dry completely overnight.

It might be helpful to have the cardboard sitting up higher, like on a trash can. When the rocks are firm, begin painting with the black paint. The cardboard will be large enough to catch the overspray of the paint. Start painting on the inside where the rock attaches on the cardboard and the center of the fire pit. Paint the black on the outside of the rock where the rock attaches to the cardboard. It will dry quickly, so you can continue to paint the gray on each rock making sure the black between each rock is not covered since the rocks will be darker in the cracks. Add little places of white for highlights and back with black or gray if you need to touch up. I even added colors like brown, blue and lime green since I had it. There are lots of colors in rocks and even moss growing. Play with it until you’re happy, the let it dry completely. 

Cut the cardboard along the outside edge of the rocks so the pit is one piece. Band together a few flashlights and stand them up in the center of the pit. Create a teepee with three or four narrow logs over the flashlights and add the tissue paper or cellophane wrapping to resemble fire.



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