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  • Lunch sack (Brown)
  • Orange paint and paint brush
  • Brown and green chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
  • Raffia
  • Silk leaf
  • Newspaper


  1. Write the child’s name on the bottom of the sack.
  2. Open the lunch sack and fill with newspaper.
  3. Paint the sack orange and let dry.
  4. Gather the top and secure it closed with a rubber band or chenille stems.
  5. Attached chenille stems like vine curls, raffia and silk leaf.



Painting Pumpkins with Handprint Leaves

handprint-pumpkin3 handprint-pumpkin-2


  • Construction paper
  • Orange paint and paint brush
  • Brown paint or marker
  • Green paint
  • Paper plate


  1. Invite children to paint the orange pumpkin shape and stem. Let dry.
  2. Add green handprints as leaves by placing the pumpkin upside down (stem facing the child)
  3. Optional- Allow kids to glue on pumpkin seeds after the painting is dry.




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