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Here’s a great idea for elementary kids and preschoolers! This is such a fun idea to create for the kids in your classroom. If you teach older kids, let them create it. It will be a good project for using the ruler and building something. The test will be if the marbles roll successfully. 


  • Mailing tube 
  • Paper plates with taller edges 
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler 
  • Clear tape 
  • Marbles 
  • Bucket or bowl 



  1. Measure and mark every 1.5 inches all the way up the mailing tube.
  2. Trace the opening of the tube on the first paper plate. Use the scissors and cut straight across to the circle you traced. Then carefully cut out the circle. Use the circle pattern to trace onto the next paper plates and cut them out as well. Add as many plates as you desire.
  3. Begin by securing the first plate to the tube with clear tape underneath (Tip- Tear off a bit of tape and fold in half with stick-side out and place it into the corner where the place meets the tube then open to stick on the tube and on the plate.)
  4. Continue to add plates by opening the top plate down to the next mark you measured. Slide on the next plate and tape the plates together, then tape it to the mailing tube. Continue until you have reached your desired length of the track.
  5. Roll the marbles from the top and make any adjustments to the design by securing it with more tape. Enjoy!

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