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Beat the Shot Clock: 

  • Stop watch

Set the clock for 10 seconds.  Call a reference and challenge the kids to find it before time expires.

Shoot Around: 

  • Plastic baskets
  • Balls
  • Tape
  • Cardstock

Attach verses to baskets.  Print references on masking tape and place on the balls.  Challenge the kids to toss the balls into the appropriate basket.

Dribble Drive: 

  • Basketballs
  • Playground cones

Challenge the kids to say the Bible verse while dribbling through the cones.

Bounce Pass:

  • Basketballs

Challenge the kids to say the books of the Bible in order as they bounce pass the ball to team mates.

Three Point Play

  • Books of the Bible cards

Kids will draw a book of the Bible.  They will complete a 3-point play if they can name the books that come before and after.

Slam Dunk Snack:

  • Seedless mandarin oranges—still in the rind
  • Permanent makers

Show the kids how to draw lines to make seedless mandarin oranges into basketballs.

Free Throw Craft:

  • Thin, white tape
  • 1-ounce plastic cups
  • Basketball beads
  • Cord
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue- (teacher use only)

Show the kids how to use the tape to make a net design on a 1-ounce plastic cup.  Tie a basketball bead to a length of cord.  Attach the other end of the cord to the bottom of the cup with hot glue.  Kids will attempt to flip the bead into the cup.

Tip:  Longer cords make this more difficult.



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