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Seems like you get everything hung for VBS and walk in your classroom the next morning to see it has fallen.  Even worse, all the many tape curls you put on the back have now caused it to stick to itself making it impossible to pull apart without tearing it up.

Many of you have heard me talk about the wonders of Mavalus Tape.  It sticks where traditional adhesives fail. We use it in our church to protect the walls as well as the items we hang for display.  Great for holding posters on walls and is removable from surfaces. Mavalus even sticks to brick, cinder blocks, drywall, plaster and other tricky surfaces. I will mention here, you need to press it real good to cinder block walls but it works. (I remember hot glue was the only thing that worked on cinder block.)

I have a roll of Mavalus Tape in every classroom for teachers and at VBS I budget to give every class a roll too.  Our walls are much better and the frustration of daily repairing the decorations is minimal.  I must tell everyone of this miracle tape!  Be sure to order yours before VBS!

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

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